Friday, January 31, 2014

The Fan Sound

This month we will be focusing on the "f" sound, our fan sound!

Use the following ideas/worksheets to target our "f" sound this month:
All of our sheets for our fan sound are from Heather's Speech Therapy. During drill work you can cue your child to "bite your lip" for correct placement, as this is what we will be talking about during group.  But keep this minimal during daily routines.  Have fun with our "f" sound!!

Monster Trucks!

For the next two weeks we will be talking all about Monster Trucks during Large Group!  I will be in meetings on Wednesday and since we don't have preschool Thursday I will be in Miss Jeana's class on Monday and Miss Ange's classroom on Tuesday.  Then the following week I will swap (Monday, Miss Ange's and Tuesday, Miss Jeana's) since there will be Valentine festivities going on the last 2 days of that week!  Anyway, In High Scope, the curriculum our preschool uses, they really encourage lesson planning around children's interests.  Well, we have a little guy who absolutely loves everything Monster Trucks, so I was excited to plan some activities around this.  Here is our learning card:

We will talk about some fun facts related to monster trucks.  To help the children understand how loud monster trucks are, we will listen to a little of this clip from youtube.  After talking about the fun facts, we will all figure out if monster trucks are big or little, tall or short, heavy or light, and loud or soft.    

Each student will pretend to be a monster truck, name and all, as they go through our obstacle course: 

We will talk a lot about our obstacle course, with picture cues to help the children see where they will go.  Our VERY mini monster truck is in each picture to show us where to go: under the triangle table, behind the circle table, through the tunnel, over the bridge, and on the road.  

Each monster truck will be announced and when our stoplight turns green they can start their engines and take off through our obstacle course:

Our traffic signs will help each monster truck go in the right direction.  These signs will also be a great way for the students to work on environmental print:

It should be a fun, crazy day!  Because we will be working on several basic concept terms during this large group, our weekly handout is a wonderful post from SpeechGal Therapies, of course on basic concepts!  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Potatoes, Potatoes, and More Potatoes!

Somewhere, on some site, in some article I saw that January 28th was Potato Day so I got very excited about planning some fun activities around this.  Well, National Potato Day is August 19th and the only thing I could find (again) for the 28th, was Potato Day in England or something.  But being a potato farmer's daughter (and sister, and granddaughter, and niece, and great granddaughter…okay, you get the point) I decided to still celebrate Potato Day by doing all things potatoes for Large Group next week!  

Here is the learning card:

And some pictures of our BIG dice:

Last, our giant Mr. Potato Head:

We will be working on answering yes/no questions and labeling body parts.  Our weekly handout is a wonderful one from Speech and Language Kids about working on yes/no questions with children!  Enjoy.

Support Group

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Musical Instruments

Next week for Large Group we will be doing lots of fun things with our musical instruments.  Here is our learning card:

We will also talk a lot about keeping a steady beat, and even try keeping the beat to a metronome.  In addition, we will focus on the concepts "fast" and "slow!"  Our weekly handout is a nice article that gives some simple tips for reading to your little ones.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ocean Animals

One of our little guys LOVES ocean animals, so I decided to have a Large Group focused on this!  Here is our learning card:

We will focus on labeling actions and animals.  In addition, we will be playing a fun, fishing match game with these adorable visuals from Wild About Teaching!  While fishing we will be working on labeling the animals, but we will also be focusing on the concept terms, 'same' and 'different!'  Because of this, our weekly handout is one from Super Duper and focuses on teaching basic concepts.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Support Group

The Nose Sound

This month we will be talking about our nose sound, "N."

Use the following ideas/worksheets to target our "n" sound this month:
  • in isolation practice in front of the mirror
  • CV combinations (no, ne, ni, nu, etc.) while playing with toys or coloring
  • this sheets from Mommy Speech Therapy for initial /n/ and final /n/ at the word level
  • then use the above sheets along with this sheet for initial /n/ and final /n/ to make sentences

Pete the Cat

This week for Large Group we will be reading "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons" by Eric Litwin.  

We will be focusing on counting, as well as some important language concepts.  Here is our learning card:

Our weekly handout is a great article that lists a few activities that you can do with your little ones to work on body parts!  I hope you all had a safe and happy break!