One of the main questions I am always asked as a Speech-Language Pathologist is, "What are some good apps I can use with my child?"  Because of this, I wanted to dedicate a section entirely to apps that are useful for facilitating a child's development.  I have separated them into the areas that I target when working with a child, but several of them could go under many categories.  In addition, I tried to include the cost of each app, or if it is free.  I hope to be constantly adding to this list so that it becomes a great resource for parents and most importantly, helps answer the above question.  Also, because I truly believe that play-based therapy/interaction is best when working with young children, I have to put this disclosure in... ;)  Apps are great. Technology is great. And when I worked as an Early Interventionist, 18 month olds could navigate an iPad almost better than I could.  Which is, again, great.  But using apps should be supplemental to the interactions, including playing and reading (with real books!), that you have with your child.

Following Directions:
Cause and Effect:
Labeling/Identifying Nouns:
Body Parts:
      Answering questions:
  • Injini—$29.99 (they do have a few sections available for free on their “lite” version!)
  • Kindertown—free, though some of the apps it recommends cost. This app helps find a variety of apps on several subjects.  You can select apps by your child’s age.
I use the above listed apps on an iPad, but be sure to search for them on your own device if you have something other than an iPad. Many apps are available across some or all other devices. In addition, there are some GREAT websites for apps, free apps, children's apps, apps for children with special needs, etc.  A few of my favorites are:

  • Smart Apps for Kids.  Most Fridays they have several (up to $50+ worth of apps) for free, as well as daily free apps.  
  • Smart Apps for Special Needs also has free apps, a list of some of the best apps for working with children with special needs, and has a list of apps for different categories.
  • If you have an android device, Smart Apps for Android is also a nice website to check out!
  • This is a nice guide for those of you with a Kindle. It separates the apps into age ranges.
  • Also, for those of you with a Kindle, Amazon offers a free app of the day.  They aren't always kid apps, but worth checking to see.
  • Best Apps for Kids also has a free app Friday!  They have many ways to search for apps, including by device, category, age, etc.
  • This is a nice article that lists 7 places to find free apps for the Nook.

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