Monday, March 3, 2014

The Vacuum Sound

This month we will be working on our vacuum sound, the "v" sound.

Use the following ideas/worksheets to target our "v" sound this month:
  • in isolation practice in front of the mirror or with a computer video
  • CV combinations (vo, ve, vi, vu, etc.) while playing with toys or games
  • these sheets for initial /v/ and final /v/ at the word level
  • use the above sheets to focus on initial /v/  and final /v/ at the sentence level
All of our sheets for our vacuum sound are from Mommy Speech Therapy!  There is also a wonderful article on teaching /f/ and /v/ to your children, so if this is a sound we are working on at school, this article may help with practice at home.  During drill work you can cue your child to "bite your lip" for correct placement, as this is what we will be talking about during group.  But keep this minimal during daily routines.  Also, to talk about the difference between /f/ and /v/, we will be feeling our throats/vocal folds while producing each sound.  We will talk about how we "turn on" our voice for the /v/ sound.  When we turn on our voice, we should be able to feel the vibrations in our throat.  You can practice this at home as well.  Keep in mind, this sound may be a later developing sound for some of the students; /f/ is usually mastered by age 4, where /v/ is later, between 5 and 6 years of age.  

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