Friday, September 20, 2013


Next week for Large Groups we are going to be talking all about Shadows!  It's a great Large Group activity where we will be doing lots of labeling, both objects and actions, imitating our friends actions, answering a variety of wh-questions, and talking about the basic concept terms "big" and "little!"  Here is this weeks learning card:

Our weekly handout is again from Super Duper and gives some great ideas for targeting language naturalistically at home!  The best way for children to learn is through play, and when we work on things in a natural way it helps a child generalize the skill or information.  You can focus on any area of speech or language while playing with your child and they won't even know you are "working" with them!  Since we focused on actions this week, you could do the same at home, using the ideas in our handout.  While playing with your little one, talk about all the things you are doing with your doll, truck, or blocks.  Or label the actions that your kiddo does throughout the day while eating, getting dressed, or cleaning up toys.  

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