Friday, September 20, 2013

Sound of the Month

I would like to start focusing on a sound of the month during Large Group activities to help a little more with articulation skills during that time.  I wanted to work on some of the early developing sounds, which means that I have to double up for the next 2 months.  So I guess for October and November there will be "sounds" of the month.  ;)  For the months that there is only one sound we will first work on the sound in isolation, consonant-vowel (CV) combinations, then in words, and for the last week, phrases.  I'm planning to just do one post for each sound that includes resources for the sound at each of these levels, so be sure to refer back to that post throughout the month if you would like to work on things at home.  

For the remainder of this month we are going to be talking about "W" or our windy sound. 

Since we only have a week and a bit to work on this sound we will focus on "W" in isolation and CV combinations this week and words and phrases the next week.  At home use these sheets below to practice.  You can make it into a game, put puzzle pieces on each picture and let your little one place the piece into the puzzle after they say the target combo, word, or phrase, try the candy or cereal trick again, drive trucks over each one as you say the sound/word...really just have fun with it!  

Isolation: practice the "W" sound in isolation in front of the mirror.  You can show your little one our windy picture (above) while you work on it.
CV combos: use this worksheet from Heather's Speech Therapy to practice (wa, we, wo, etc.).  
Words: use this fun board game from Adventures in Speech Pathology for practice at the word level.
Phrases:  use this worksheet to make phrases with this worksheet from Mommy Speech Therapy.

Have fun with our "W" sound this month! 

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