Monday, November 25, 2013

The Hat

Next week for Large Group we will be reading "The Hat" by Jan Brett.  

We will be working on pointing to and labeling the animals in the book, as well as WH-questions.  There are some unusual animals and animal names, so we will be talking about those more in depth...hedgehog, gander, pony.  Here is our learning card:

We will be retelling and acting out the story after we read it together.  Jan Brett has these wonderful mask printables on her website that we will be using:

The children will wear one while they act out the story:

If you don't have the story at home, here is a reading on YouTube that you can watch with your child.  For our handout this week, The Budge SLP has a GREAT post with tons of Wh-question resources.  Check it out and choose one or two to do this week at home.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and break! 

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