Friday, November 1, 2013

The Tick-Tock Sound

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on our "Tick-Tock" sound.  

Again use these sheets below to practice.  Remember to make it a game or even just target this sound during play activities!  If your kiddo struggles with drill work, just say lots of words with the "t" sound in it while playing so that your child hears the correct production of this sound over and over!  Just have fun with it and the more naturalistic the better!  :) 

Isolation: practice the "T" sound in isolation in front of the mirror or even a video camera.  You can show your little one our Tick-Tock picture (above) while you work on it.  If you use a camera, record your practice and then watch it together after you finish!
CV combos/Words: Here are two great posts with initial /t/ and final /t/ from Testy Yet Trying. Follow the directions provided.
Phrases:  use the cards provided above to make 2-3 word phrases ("The big boot." etc.)
Have fun with our "T" sound!

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