Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Goose Sound

In the month of May we will be working on our final sound of the month, the 'Goose' sound, /g/!

Use the following ideas/worksheets to target our "g" sound this month:
  • in isolation practice in front of the mirror, open your mouth wide to say it in the "back!"  You can even trying lying on the floor, or on the grass outside and practice saying our "g" sound.
  • CV combinations (go, ge, gi, gu, etc.) while playing with toys or games
  • these sheets for initial /g/ and final /g/ at the word level
  • then use the above sheets along with these initial /g/ and final /g/ to practice at the phrase level
All of our sheets for our goose sound are from Mommy Speech Therapy . During drill work you can cue your child to remember and "do it in the back" for correct placement, as this is what we will be talking about during group.  But keep this minimal during daily routines.  /g/ can be a tricky one for some kids, especially because you can't see it produced as easily as other sounds (/f/, /m/, etc.).  If your little one starts getting frustrated, just back off and do some auditory bombardment during play.  This is when you say as many words with our sound in it as you can think of, in a short amount of time… for example, " comes the green goose, he's going to get some gum for the game."  Even though your child won't be producing the sound, they will be hearing it over and over, which is helping to train their ear, and in turn help with production of the sound later on.  Have fun with our "g" sound!!

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