Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Programs

If any of you were here last year, you know that I offered speech and language packets to work on throughout the summer.  This year, I am going to do things a little different.  I will provide wordlists of your child's sounds for the articulation calendars (if you request these lists), but the calendars for articulation and language activities will all be listed below.  No paper copies will be sent home this year.  I have included a PDF version, so it should be very easy to print one off each month.  This way I am able to offer a variety of packets, and you as parents can chose the packet that best fits your child's developmental level or interests.  I have also included some general ideas/activities you can just quickly look over and choose from.  
  • June Summer Language Calendars:

  • July Summer Language Calendars:

  • August Summer Language Calendar:
Note: First Day of School for Elementary is actually August 20th!

  • June Summer Articulation Calendar (be sure to keep the sound collage mentioned on the 10th for practice all throughout the summer). 
  • July Summer Articulation Calendar 
  • August Summer Articulation Calendar:

Enjoy your summer break! 

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